How to Write Meta Tags For SEO

Meta tags must be one of the most basic yet one of the most obscure elements of SEO. Of what importance is it to an SEO practitioner? Do they mean anything to a Google SERP tracker?  How does it affect your site’s SEO?

Before any of those questions are answered, you need to understand what a Meta tag is. A Meta tag can be described as a coding statement that is found in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) meant to describe the content of a Web page. However, Meta tags are not visible to the audience but only to search engines.

Meta tags are important in that, the search engines use them to compare if the keywords and descriptions are relatable with the visible content. In other words, they have a role to play in the click-through-rate of your webpage.

There are different types of Meta tags, could be keyword tags or description tags. However, they are both used by the search engine in adding a page to their index. Which is why you should always have them done right, lest they will not be beneficial to your site. 

How are Meta tags written?

Do you want your Meta tags to boost your rankings? Well here is how you should go about writing them.

Go slow on the word count

Yes, it can be very challenging to fit in a perfect description of your webpage into 160 characters. However, you do not want your description to be cut off mid-way. It is why you need to stick to having between 155-160 characters. Remember that less is more, stay within the character limit and focus more on creating a short description that appears complete and encourages the user to click.

Be alluring and unique

There is no better way of getting clicks than being interesting. No one wants to task themselves with going through boring content. So it is wise to avoid being boring as much as possible. There are so many tricks that you could apply to achieve this. Like using the active voice: it with no doubt provides the reader with a momentous push. Focus on being specific and not to bore the reader with unnecessary information. Remember that it is all up to you to go about it the best way you know how: provided you stick to webmasters’ guidelines of course.

Serve your value proposal to the customer

What do you have to offer to the clients? Your Meta tags should be able to describe to the customers what you have to offer in terms of service or product you are writing about on your webpage: and, in a coherent manner. Note that while the users are reading your description, they will be asking themselves what is in it for them. To outshine your competitors, you can set some time aside to do some comparisons on what they have to say on their description. It will not hurt anyone.

How about you include a call-to-action?

You can use a call-to-action or an offer to trigger immediate response. Your goal here is to stand out from your competition. Get a little creative with your Meta tags to improve your click-through rate. All you will be required to do is to incorporate an offer somewhere in your Meta description.

Make it inviting and free of flaw

First of all, you need to focus ion impressing the user then take care of the search engine later. Why is it important? It is all in a bid to make your descriptions less awkward and friendly. Ensure that you structure them in a tone that motivates the user to walk to the front of your virtual door.
Imagine how typos make you look bad even if you are just chatting with a friend: you will be quick to rectify on noticing your mistake. It is no different with writing Meta tags, you should do everything to make them flawless: even if it will take you hours of proofreading.

Try, monitor and modify

Last but not least, do not be afraid to test and monitor your tags to mark what is working and what is not. If applying particular tips in writing your Meta tag did some magic for your site, then you can consider applying the same in your future tags. However, you should refrain from duplicating your Meta tags!


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