How to Use Carb Caps with Your Oil Rigs

If you’ve recently started using dabs or oil, chances are that you’ve come across a wide range of new, innovative and exciting accessories to help you enjoy dabs more easily, effectively and in a way that provides an altogether superior experience.

Products you may have encountered include a nail, oil rig, or a carb cap. Vaporizing oil concentrates or “dabbing”, has in recent years become one of the most popular ways to enjoy concentrates such as oils and waxes.

Dabbing has become a mainstream way of smoking in the cannabis community for a good reason. The hits are generally much smoother, potent and enjoyable. In contrast, compared to traditional burning of marijuana, dabbing doesn’t leave a pungent smell in the air and undesirable taste in your mouth. You also get better quality vapor from whatever type of rig you prefer. Be sure to check out oil carb caps for all your dabbing needs.

However, despite all of the benefits, dab rigs aren’t without their faults. Airflow, boiling rate, and temperature can all be challenging to control. Something that a simple, yet highly effective accessory, the Carb Cap, can remedy.

Carb caps maximize the vapor quality when smoking from a dab rig and give you control over the temperature. While carb caps aren’t essential to use an oil rig, they certainly help improve the smoking experience so you get the most out of your dabs. This guide will discuss what a carb cap is, how they improve your dab sesh, and steps on how to use one.

What Is a Carb Cap?

If you’ve never used a dab rig or have only done so a couple times, you might get confused if we dive right in. So let’s step back for a moment and recap (pun intended) on how to effectively use a dab rig.

A dab rig is a glass pipe that contains water. Once the nail is heated using a butane torch, the nail is used to heat the oil concentrate by spreading it around the dabbing surface. This creates a vapor that can be inhaled from the dab rig. Most of the time, heat and the oil’s combustion isn’t equal when the heat is directly applied. This causes a low-quality hit that lacks flavor. A carb cap remedies this by lowering the temperature of the oil concentrates while you’re heating your nail or banger. In other words, your hit will be much better using a cap.

Carb caps come in many styles and are made with nonflammable, heat resistant materials like titanium or glass. The shape of many carb caps is rounded at the end, facing the banger and covering it completely. However, there are carb caps that fit around the nail instead. The top of a carb cap has a handle at the top for easy holding. Carb caps feature a small airway that pulls in fresh air which allows the oils to vaporize better. They help trap heat so you get all or most of the terpenes from your oil concentrate, which would usually burn off due to direct heat. The name “carb cap” is due to the fact that they stabilize or increase airflow to your oil rig while you’re taking a hit. If you prefer something more discreet, a vape pen from Hemper may be a good idea.

Why Should you Use a Carb Cap

Carb caps help maintain, control and optimize airflow to help you adjust the rig’s performance in a way that enables you to both customize your experience while also getting the most out of your dab hit.

For example, by restricting airflow you’re able to decrease the boiling rate of your oil, resulting in a thicker, full-flavored hit. You may also want to adjust as necessary to find the optimal boil or burn rates for various types of concentrates such as budder, shatter, oil, and other waxes.

Carb caps can also extend your hit and keep more terpenes intact, improving taste, flavor and the psychostimulatory effect. Carb caps are beneficial for beginners because the temperature is easier to control. High temperatures are harsh on the lungs, especially for those who are sensitive or who do not dab regularly. Carb caps can effectively allow the user to slow the burn, cool down the vapor and increase the smoothness and comfortability of each hit. You can find more

How to Use a Carb Cap Effectively

Carb caps may sound pretty intimidating, but they don’t have to be. Using them is simple and with a few practice rounds, you’ll be taking hits like a pro in no time. Once your banger is nice and hot and you’ve applied your dab, simply cover the nail or banger (depending on which kind of carb cap you have) to trap the heat and restrict airflow to the dab.

To ensure you maintain the quality of the oil, be sure to gently move the carb cap in a circular motion around the crown of your nail. If you have a carb cap that covers your banger instead of a nail, you should lift it up and down to change the airflow and pressure. Moving the carb cap around makes the airstream spread the oils around the dabbing surface more evenly. When the oil is at a temperature of your liking, remove the cap and inhale the vapor.

The Bottom Line With Carb Caps

Whether you’ve been smoking for years or are new to dabbing, carb caps are a useful, simple and affordable tool for your dab rig. It’s no secret that getting the most potent, flavorful and pleasant aroma from your concentrates is dependent on your ability to vaporize the dab at the lowest possible temperature. Hemper offers a variety of tools for dabbing.

Although difficult to mediate in the past, carb caps provide dabbers with an effective method of easily controlling the airflow and air pressure throughout the rig, impacting the burn rate and temperature as a result. Lower pressure equates to a lower boiling point for oils and burn/vaporization rates for waxes in order to produce thick viscous plumes of potent vapor.

This makes a dab cap a must-have for your dabbing arsenal, especially for those who are determined to get the most out of their concentrates (and trust us you do, oil concentrates can cost $50-100 a gram!).

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