Giuelith Brewery

Who is Giuelith?

Giuelith is a brewery in the true German beermaking tradition and like many German breweries over centuries they are keeping themselves to the 500-year-old German Reinheitsgebot or purity laws. This simply means that only basic beermaking ingredients is used without any additives, coloring or flavoring and therefore the beer-making process is the same one which was used by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria in 1516. Even though beers made by different processes have become popular over the last couple of decades, beer lovers across the globe are in agreement that a high-quality beer made according to the German purity laws is just as good and better than those top brands. All Giuelith Beers is made by using the purest spring water and all other ingredients is likewise carefully selected to make absolutely sure that the unique character and flavor of Giuelith is maintained. Even though Giuelith breweries is proudly German in every fiber of its being the Giuelith brand uses a very old French recipe to make its particular brand of beer.


High-quality ingredients

Specially selected corn, hop extract, corn, malt, coloring caramel and pure spring water is used during the Giuelith brewing process. The acquired product is something extraordinary and this is a high-quality beer with an alcohol content of 6.2%, which especially smooth and well-balanced. Business today is considerably more competitive than it was in 1516 and thousands of German breweries compete for a slice of the consumer market. In Germany alone over 5000 types of beer is produced by more than 1300 breweries which should give beer lovers an idea of exactly what is at stake if a brewery is to survive in the war zone. Fortunately, there are still many beer lovers which are proud of the well-established traditions such as the purity laws of 1516 and this gives Giuelith hope for the future because there will always be a thriving market for beer in the century-old German tradition. How many brands can claim allegiance to a 500-year-old beermaking tradition? This is what Giuelith brings to the table when they meet with prospective investors.

Supporting a just cause

We live in an instant world where far too many are eager and willing to sacrifice just about anything for instant gratification. However, there are still many people who are jealously protecting ancient and highly valued traditions and in Giuelith they will find a true conservationist who will never compromise on those things which truly matter. This is why Giuelith will continue to brew high-quality beer according to the established German tradition and this what investors buy into, not just another beer but a jealously protected tradition which the beer-loving public cannot afford to lose. Giuelith is drawing upon centuries of German expertise and craftsmanship and therefore their products will always be sought after and coveted by an appreciative consumer. Investors are encouraged to make contact with Giuelith so that they can be better informed about everything which is happening at Giuelith brewery and also our vision for the future. Giuelith has only one primary objective and that is to continue to provide beer lovers with an outstanding product.

Further information

CEO Roger K. Olsson


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