How to Make Your Eyes Pop with Makeup

Doing makeup on an everyday basis can seem like a routine and a time-consuming task after years and years of practice. To avoid this, women should get out of their comfort zone every once in a while. Try doing some new tips and tricks, and enhance your best facial features as well as your eye makeup by following these top 3 steps!

Apply Your Shadow Properly

Doing eyeshadow might be the hardest part since you have to achieve straight and blended lines all over your eyelid. Women sometimes struggle with this task since some brushes don’t want to corporate. To get a flawless and flattering eye makeup, try doing these steps:

Apply Your Shadow Properly

A) Apply An Eyeshadow Base

Any eyeshadow base will hold your colours and shadows the best, which you might need if you are going to spend several hours outside your house.

B) Different Types of Brushes

Use at least three brushes on your eyelids when applying the shadows. Use a round fluffy blending brush around your crease, a flat synthetic brush that you can use to add a pop of colour into the centrepiece, and a small round brush that you can use to define the outer corner, and to smudge out your lower lash line shadows. These brushes will guarantee you an equal and rich colour payoff, as well as precision.

C) Light To Dark

Always, no matter the look that you are going for, apply your shadows in the following order: lightest to darkest. Apply a pop of white in your inner tear duct, then gradually ‘ombre’ it out and go with a light beige. Add a darker chocolate brown to the ends, and a black shadow to the corners or you can use it as an eyeliner illusion. This colour combo will make your eyes pop, no matter the eye shape you have.

Get Eyelash Extensions

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with naturally long and dark lashes. However, there is a solution called lash extensions. These can be both silk or mink extensions which are individual lashes that a certified person will place on top of your natural lashes. A certified lash esthetician will apply a gorgeous, full, and flattering set directly onto your natural lashes, working slow and steady and by placing one extension per your natural lash at a time. They will customise the length and volume based on your preference and your eye shape, which will definitely make your eyes and your makeup pop even more! This solution is a great idea since you don’t need any strip lashes (which can be a living struggle to apply), or even mascara.

Get Eyelash Extensions

Apply Eye Pencil To Your Waterline

Lastly, a great ‘eye-opening’ solution is a pop of colour to your waterline. Women who want to enhance their eyes, make them pop, or round them up will use any lighter eye pencils on their waterline. Strive for beige, nude, or peachy shades since these go well with any eyeshadow. Also, these colours will open up your eyes and give your makeup some ‘pop’ and an entirely different look. The best part is that they are very affordable, yet long-lasting.

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