Ceramic, Quartz Or Titanium: Which Could Be The Best Dab Rig!

Apart from ground buds and leaves,  the act of dabbing weed concentrates is quite popular among cannabis lovers.

In dabbing, marijuana and herbs are secreted to form a concentrate, which later are combined with other solutions to get that sticky goo-like or oil-like wax. If you are a novice in dabbing and want to set up your first piece, you should know about various tools ( metal wand, dab rig, nail and torch, etc.) that are used in the process.

Note: Even a drop of this oil concentrated, dabbed mixture is highly concentrated and flavorful that it can give anyone a more potent high.

Further, for choosing the right dab rig keep in mind the size of joint and the type of nail you are going to use.

Size And Type:

While there are three main diameters of dab nails and dag rigs viz. 10mm, 14mm and 18 mm, the most common one is of 10 mm rig. However, no matter what size rig you choose, just make sure that your nail perfectly fits that rig; for instance, if you use a 10 mm silicon dab rig, make sure you get a 10 mm dab nail.

Type Of The Rig:

Another thing to consider is the tupe of rig: male/female. Mostly all dab rigs have a male stem, which only fits female nail and vice versa.

The Material Of Dab Nail:

Apart from the shape, dab rigs come in three materials viz. Titanium Nails, Quartz Nails and Ceramic Nails.

Titanium Dab Nails:

They are consistent and durable as compared to other dab nails. Also, they heat super quickly and holds heat extremely well, the reason they are the most popular for dabbing.  Further, Ti nails are quite versatile and can get fit to any glass-blower. They come with or without carbs to offer ease of inhalation to teh smoker. Some drop-down models of these nails are also designed to prevent rig stem from soaking excess heat from the torch.

In functionality, Ti nails are easy to use and are clean, just heat them until they become red-hot and hold for 20 seconds. Once done, start dabbing! Dabbing on titanium nails also offer great taste and mild, subtle metal flavor, so if you are sensitive to ti-metal keep this in mind.

Ceramic Dab Nails:

These nails are safe and generate a clean and smooth flavor. However, they are hard to heat as they don’t become red-hot, you only have to judge its super-high temperature. Also, they are quite fragile and get cracked by sudden exposure from hot to cold and vice versa.

Further, ceramic nails have better retention properties and can withstand heat for a longer period. Many dabbing marijuana lovers love ceramic nails because of thier clean and smooth flavors.

Quartz Dab Nails:

Since these nails offer ultrasoft and smooth flavor, they are one of the favorite nails of many serious dabbers.  It’s durability and low price make this nail one of the most preferable choices of many dabbers. They heat up quickly and reaches its maximum level in just 10 seconds, which also allows you to dab the concentrate directly into the bucket to heat and use.

The flavor retention of this dab nail tastes best. So, if you like highly concentrated flavor, this nail would be for you!

Domed Or Homeless? Which Is Best For Dabbing!

Domed nails is a two piece unit with a slim and narrow nail sliding in the stem of actual dab rig and a dome placed over the top of it. Dome not only adds safety element to protect you from touching the red-hot nail, but also lets you capture all smoke so that it won’t get wasted.

However, domeless nails on the other hand, are wider, broader and are usually a single piece unit that perfectly fits over the rig’s stem. Since these nails are easy to use and give better access to nail itself, they are the first preferences of many dabbers.

No matter what dab nail you would consider: ceramic, titanium or quartz, you have to “ season”  nail before using.

But, What Is Seasoning?

Seasoning is a process that lets any foreign material or excess residue to burn off quickly, which have been left during the manufacturing process. But how will you season?

Seasoning is a very simple process; just heat the nail to a moderate temperature and equally spread the wax or concentrate over the nail surface until it melts. Let it burn without inhaling it. Once the concentrate gets burned off, pick it up carefully and drop it in the water. Repeat the process so that the nail get completely cleaned and is ready for the use at high temperature.

So, that was all about dabbing and dab rigs! If you are new to this, keep in mind the above tips and happy Dabbing!

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